Puppet and Ventriloquist show are a cool way to entertain at your event. They are colorful, fun, and get lots of laughs. Great for camps, schools, nursing homes, community festivals and more.




As a seasoned performer, GG wears many musical hats! The repertoire of his musical puppet shows cover many genras of music including Swing, Blues, Rock, Folk, Show Tunes, Jazz Standards and Novelty Songs. His children's shows consist of contemporary, traditional, and original songs along with his other repertoire for a fun-filled performance. GG's musical puppet show is an ideal family show and combines children's songs with songs from the 30's up to contemporary. The show combines humor and sentimentality, and is a show for "the young of heart" from toddlers to grandparents. He says, "Get em laughin, make em cry and get em laughin again!!"

With his one of a kind puppets, Tiki The Mockingbird, Ludwig The Cool Dude and Clatsy Pine (created by Dan Horn) Gene's show is unique and memorable. Available for camps, schools, and other children's events, except birthday parties. Best for children 2-7 years old.






This one-woman musical variety show features a myriad of unique and exciting Carbaret-style Marionettes. This 45-minute show includes singing, dancing, audience participation, and lots of fun. After the show, she'll have the children come to the stage to meet the puppets. From New York City to the Far East, she has spent twenty-five years warming the hearts of children and delighting audiences worldwide.




DC is a seasoned ventriloquist with over 35 years of experience. This 35-40 minute show includes his silliness of throwing his voice, making puppets come alive, audience participation, talking to a magic drawing board and more. This show will put a smile on everyone’s face. Also available for strolling.

DC introduces:
- Seemor: Goofy dog that says silly things
- Andy Redhead: Cute little boy who will surprise you
- Grumpy Grampa Gus: His name says it all!
(Grampa Gus appears at adult parties only)




Yes, the monkey in the middle is a puppet – how real does he look? It almost fooled me! SW has been performing ventriloquism puppetry for dozens of years. His show includes magic and interaction, and is a stand-up comedy show. Some of his puppet friends include a hippy from the 60s, skunk, grand mom (pictured) & grand pop, an alligator (pictured), a skeleton dressed as a pirate, along with an array of other fun puppets. SW and his buddies have been seen on television over the years. Everyone loves him, the show, and especially the puppets. Even the adults get a good laugh from his performance. It’s funny….great for all ages…and everyone can relate.  He is not available for birthday parties during the month of December.




This an interactive, fun show where the puppeteer has a few different puppets like a dog, Elmer the farmer, a cat, and possibly others. The puppets are the same "style" as Sesame Street puppets. The show is performed live where the puppeteer tells silly stories and sings silly songs. It’s an interactive show, popular with children, but parents enjoy is just as much. If you are having a themed party, the theme can be worked that into the performance, even holiday based. This allows the story to be personalized. This puppet show is 30-35 mins. in length. Setup Time: The puppeteer will need approx. 10 minutes to set up for the small stage and 15-20 minutes for the larger stage.



Puppets by SR (a former teacher) is emceed by the shy and anxious Clarence. Assisting him is his nonverbal, but oh-so expressive stage manager, Gopher, whose Chaplinesque antics never fail to delight audiences.“Duck” Watson, another favorite, is a singing and guitar-strumming folksy puppet who loves involving his listeners in singing familiar tunes with zany lyrics. Clarence is then quite thrilled to present the show’s central folktale/fable, such as The Lion and the Mouse, The Fifth Witch, or The Three Wishes.

Also part of the show is a unique dinosaur marionette, an eco-puppet primarily made from scrap wood and tennis ball halves. Tennisaurus Rex is a Rappin’ Raptor who feeds on the attention of his audience. As a “warmup act” for this star-studded line-up, Steve brings out his five-string banjo and invites the audience to join him in a sing-along full of frolic and mirth.

FAQ about this show here and more pictures of puppets.


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