Frequently Asked Questions: (more pictures below)

Q: What size area do you need?
A: I bring a stage that is 4 feet wide, 6 feet high, and requires a depth area of approximately 4 feet. However, parts of the show take place outside the stage, so a bit more area in front or to the side of the stage may be needed. So plan on a 6 foot by 6 foot total performing area.

Q: Do you need electricity?
A: Yes! I have my own lights and sound system and will bring an extension cord that reaches up to 25 feet.

Q: How long does your show run?
A: My experience as both a teacher and performer has shown me that a good length for a puppet show is 20 to 30 minutes for a young crowd. For an older group, 30 to 45 minutes is ideal. I put as much entertainment into that time frame as I can. With my interactive and variety show format, I can be flexible with any schedule/time constraints.

Q: Where do you like your audience to sit?
A: Sitting the audience on the floor (with chairs in the back?) is the best way to squeeze the maximum amount of people into a space and still allow the best possible view of the performance, especially when you have a mix of adults and children. Of course, a regular auditorium setting works quite well, too.

Q: How big an audience can you handle?
A: In an auditorium/multi-purpose room setting, up to 300 individuals can see and hear the show effectively.

Q: What is the age-appropriateness of you shows? A: My shows are written to entertain the entire family - adults are always telling me how much they’ve enjoyed my shows. However, my shows are aimed at the 4-9 year old audience. I never put any content into my shows that I would not want my grandchildren to see or hear.

Q: Can you perform outdoors?
A: Yes, but only if the weather is optimal. Both rain and wind make for unsuitable performance conditions. Choose a shady, level location for outside performances. If the performance is to take place on a lawn, please make sure the performance area is dry. When possible, it is best to position the puppet stage facing into the sun. This will light the stage naturally and keep the sun out of the audience’s eyes. It is important to have an alternate performance location in case of unexpected weather changes.

Q: What else do you need when you arrive?
A: The stage and a number of large boxes need to be brought in to the performance area. I very much prefer to do my own lifting, thank you. Please provide a clear path to load the equipment in and out of the performance area. Please make sure parking is available close to the performance area.

Q: What are your needs during a show?
A: Due the interactive, upbeat nature of my shows, it would be extremely helpful if the host or some other adult be “on duty” to handle any unruly children (or extremely noisy adults). This is rarely, if ever, a problem, but I feel it is always a good idea to be prepared for any contingency. Otherwise, please feel free to just enjoy the show.

Q: How soon should I call you to book a show?
A: As soon as you have a date and location for your event, you should book the entertainment. Some schools and libraries book six months to a year in advance. My calendar fills up fast, so I urge you to call as soon as you have your date and location decided. 

Q: How many years have you been a puppeteer?
A: I first ventured into professional puppeteering around 23 years ago. Despite the enormous success of several years of performing in the Delaware Valley area, I eventually discontinued performing in order to devote my full attention to classroom teaching. Nevertheless, in the ensuing years I brought puppetry into the classroom. Each year, each of my fifth-grade students made a personal puppet, and a full grade puppet show was performed for the school (to this day, I meet past students who assure me that they still have their puppets). Upon retirement, I happily returned to the “bright lights” of professional puppeteering, both for the joy of performing as well as for the continued opportunity to share the enthusiasm and delightfulness of children.


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