(These tips are primarily suggestions for childrens parties).

1) Regarding a children’s party, we recommend you have the entertainer arrive at least 30-60 minutes after the party begins. This will account for any latecomers as well as those who may want to eat first.

2) It is always best to have the entertainer perform indoor due to any uncomfortable weather conditions such as wind, bright sun, humidity, drizzle and such. If you must have the entertainer outdoors, please have him/her/them set up in a shaded area, or better yet, a tented space. We recommend you have a back up plan in case of potential rain.

3) Please have adequate adult supervision (based on number of children) in attendance with the entertainer. Small kids tend to mosey and sometimes get ornery, so it is best to have a responsible adult to calm the child and/or remove him/her from the area so the other children can continue to enjoy the performance. Respectfully, please understand our entertainers are there to entertain only and not to serve as a babysitter.

4) We suggest that mingling adults move to a separate room if they prefer to chat rather than watch the show. Competing with the entertainer's sound system and/or voice can be difficult. Though, we still require an adult or two to remain with the children.

5) It is suggested that the room where the entertainer will be setting up is cleared of any toys prior to the entertainer arriving as this reduces tripping and other distractions while the entertainer is performing. 

6) Our entertainers are not permitted to give balloons to children under 3 years of age. Children this young should be accompanied by a parent and we will give the balloon to the child’s parent who then can use their discretion whether s/he allows their child to handle the balloon.

7) Finally, when the entertainer is packing up to leave, this is a good time to gather all the children to sing Happy Birthday, have munchies, or occupy their time away from the entertainer. Some children get sad when they see the entertainer leave, so a distraction will take their minds off of this.


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