Finding and hiring good quality entertainment for an event can be confusing, frustrating, and time consuming. However, with a plan in mind and an idea of what you are looking for, the task can be much simpler.

1. Decide on party specifics such as:
    - Date and time
    - Group size & age range of invitees
    - Indoor or outdoor event
    - Party theme, if any
    - Will you be hiring entertainment?

2. Plan ahead. Entertainers can book months in advance so be sure to call at least two months ahead (allow more time for holiday bookings).
    - Ask the entertainment service for price quotes. Remember, though, the lowest price does not always mean a better value.
    - Ask how long a typical show lasts (a 45 min. show is best for kids depending on the type of entertainer you are having).
    - What does a typical show consists of?
    - How long has he/she been entertaining?
    - How much space does the entertainer need for the show?
    - How much time does the entertainer need to set up?
    - How does the entertainer dress for the event?
    - Ask if the entertainer specializes in a specific age group and will they hold the interest of younger kids?

3. After you receive a quote and are interested in booking, it's important to inform us as early as possible that you would like to "secure" the entertainment to ensure the availability of the specific entertainer quoted to you. Remember what may be available today, may not be available tomorrow. Our entertainers book quickly, therefore, we cannot "hold" entertainers, rental equipment, or dates.

4. Always get a contract/invoice from the entertainment service. The contract/invoice serves as your booking confirmation and should indicate all the specifics about the party such as date, time, rate, party address locations, payment due date(s) and other specifics. If something is incorrect on the contract/invoice, call immediately and have it corrected.

5. The entertainment service should check with you one week prior to your event date to confirm and get directions. At this time, they should clarify the date, time, entertainment booked, and other pertinent information to ensure that everything is correct. Find out the time that the entertainer will arrive. By reconfirming, neither you or the entertainer will have an unhappy surprise on party day.

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