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Please note that most common errors can be caused by a bad installation or a poorly done update, always verify this using the default asset before communicating your problem to us, this will save time.

If you've made it this far, congratulations, you're one of the few customers reading through the documentation and taking an interest in fixing problems that come your way using our resources.

This section is intended for the common problems that some players usually have when using this asset, we ask you to check one by one to find your problem here and save long waits on community tickets. If your problem still persists, do not hesitate to contact us from the Discord community by opening a ticket.

List of common problems

Deploy each section according to your problem, so you will find the solution quickly, each problem has a general and basic solution in its description that will help you solve the case.

When I enter an interior I fall off the map

This case may be due to the lack of the gamebuild that is explained in the installation or old artifacts. You can easily resolve it by updating the artifacts and running the following convar in your server.cfg sv_enforceGameBuild 2802.

It may also be due to external assets that block some ipl as could be the case with rcore_casino, we recommend contacting them directly.

Error in ox_lib/zones/* when creating a new garage

If we create the garages using the internal menu of the game, we will not receive such a problem, but in case of manual creation this case may occur.

This is a very common problem, because ox_lib asks you to have the same Z coordinates at each point you create. So in a garage configuration where you use, for example, these points:

vec3(1124.7100830078, -1621.4260253906, 31.813),vec3(1125.6597900391, -1599.0892333984, 33.751),vec3(1150.4095458984, -1597.7438964844, 33.221),vec3(1148.5895996094, -1622.0743408203, 32.234),vec3(1133.4176025391, -1621.9822998047, 31.442)

We will change the points to the same Z coord as follows:

vec3(1124.7100830078, -1621.4260253906, 34.8),vec3(1125.6597900391, -1599.0892333984, 34.8),vec3(1150.4095458984, -1597.7438964844, 34.8),vec3(1148.5895996094, -1622.0743408203, 34.8),vec3(1133.4176025391, -1621.9822998047, 34.8)
Can I use this asset with AdvancedParking?

Of course, this asset will work automatically with AdvancedParking, you just have to disable Config.PersistentVehicles.

My vehicle breaks down and I can't repair it

The problem during vehicle repair will not occur as long as you use our exports that we provide in the documentation within Features Guide.

You can also make use of Config.RepairKit and use the repairkit item, as long as you do not have this item duplicated in another external asset.

Why is my tuning not generated when removing a vehicle?

Your props in your vehicle may have problems. Make a backup and empty your vehicles sql completely to verify this.

It could also be the fault of your vehicle shop, you can verify using an official vehicle shop of your framework.

My plate change script is not working in the garage

Do the following to make your plate change in the garage instantly, add this export in your plate change asset.

Change the old plate for a new one with this export, this allows instant plate change and you should add it in your change plate asset, if you have one, otherwise ignore it.

-- plate: Your actual vehicle plate-- newPlate: Your new vehicle plateexports['qs-advancedgarages']:updateVehiclePlate(plate, newPlate)

An example of using this system would be the following.

RegisterCommand('changeplate', function(source) local vehicle = GetVehiclePedIsIn(GetPlayerPed(source), false) if not DoesEntityExist(vehicle) then return end local plate = GetVehicleNumberPlateText(vehicle) local newPlate = 'PEPERONI' exports['qs-advancedgarages']:updateVehiclePlate(plate, newPlate)end, false)
Can I recover vehicles from any garage?

No, this is not possible since it goes completely against the logic of the asset, but if you think about it, this does not count as roleplay.

Can I remove the vehicle limit for each interior?

No, it is not possible, since the logic of this asset matches its slot system. You can simply limit them to slots per character by disabling Config.GarageSync from your config.lua.

My vehicle does not appear in the corresponding garage

This may be because the asset where you purchased the vehicle is setting it to a different type than it should be. Cars must be "car" or "vehicle", ships must be "boat" and planes must be "plane" or "airplane".

We can see this type in the owned_vehicles or player_vehicles database, each vehicle has a type column specifying this.

Contact your vehicle store creator or edit it yourself.

My housing garage does not work or I receive errors in the console

Most likely here is the order of starting the assets in server.cfg, the garage should be started first, then the housing system.

Remember that you should not restart any of these assets, as they will be unpositioned when restarted.

When using the commands, I receive errors or no menu opens

Most of the time it is because of your menu, make sure to use the menu you have set in the configuration, by default we recommend using the ox_lib menu.

Music is annoying for streamers, how do I enable streamer mode?

The command for streamer mode is togglesound, when used once, it will remove the sound completely and when used again it will return the sound, this command is only for the player who uses it and does not affect the other players since it is local and personal.

My vehicle is not sent to impound when using the specific command

This is because the vehicle was never stored in a garage and persistence does not exist. For this we are going to go to the vehicle persistence documentation and add the export of setVehicleToPersistent() in your vehicleshop or vehicle spawn asset.

The same vehicle spawned on top of each other

This is a latency problem or a very heavy addon vehicle (poorly optimized), although if its latency is high or the vehicle has not yet fully charged, such an error may occur.

It will be resolved by leaving and entering the garage, once the vehicle is registered in its FiveM cache it will no longer happen.

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