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This page details everything you need to know about how the new banners system works in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. We’ll cover how to get banners, how to equip them, and the different types of banners, including their tiers.

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How to Get Banners in Bannerlord

There are currently 45 banners available in Bannerlord, excluding the Dragon Banner which you can obtain by completing Assemble the Dragon Banner, and which grants you +5% increased damage against mounted troops. This isn’t a particularly special banner, but it does serve as a basic introduction to the banner system. The only way currently to obtain all of the other banners listed in the table below, is to loot them from the battlefield.

There’s a chance for each banner to drop from any battle that you fight. In general, the higher tier banners will drop from more difficult battles, and at present only AI nobles can wield tier I banners, clan leaders can wield tier II banners, and faction leaders can wield tier III banners. This means that you can expect to obtain a tier III banner only after defeating a faction leader on the battlefield, for example.

Although the AI has restrictions in terms of which type of character can wield specific types of banners, you don’t have to worry about this yourself. You can wield any tier of banner regardless of your position in Calradia, as can your companions in their role as captains.

How to Equip and Use Banners

Once you have a banner in your inventory, whether it’s the Dragon Banner from the associated quest, or one of the banners listed below after looting it from a battle, you’ll need to select it from your inventory and drag it to the empty banner slot located just beneath where you slot your weapons. After placing the banner there, it should appear next to your character as shown in the screenshot below. You can do the same for any of your companions, who will then wield the banner in battle. You can assign one of your companions as the leader (or captain) of a specific group of troops just before a battle. The group that they lead will then benefit from the effects of the banner, and one of the troops in the group will visibly carry the banner into battle.

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If all troop members of a group which was carrying a banner fall, you can pick up the banner yourself to buff allies in your own group.

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(1 of 4) You’ll find the slot for new banners just beneath the weapons slots.

All Banners, Tiers, and Effects

There are 15 types of banners currently available. These adjust base stats as percentages in various ways, such as increasing ranged damage, reducing received ranged damage, increasing melee damage against mounted troops, or increasing your movement speed, to list just a few examples. Each type of tier I banner has a tier II and tier III equivalent. For example, the tier II equivalent for the Archer’s Flag is the Bowman’s Flag, and the tier III equivalent is the Marksman’s Flag. Most of the banners increase the potency of their effects through the tiers ranging from 5%, to 8%, to 10%, although there are some exceptions as with the increased charge damage banners, which reach 20% at tier III with the Banner of the Knight.

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If you want to obtain some of the higher tier banners, you’ll need to fight armies commanded by clan leaders or faction leaders.

Archer’s FlagIIncreased ranged damage by 5%
Banner of Desert WindsIIncreased troop movement speed by 5%
Banner of Faris’ FalconIIncreased ranged weapon accuracy by 4%
Banner of Oaken ShieldsIDecreased taken shield damage by 10%
Banner of the HorsemanIIncreased charge damage by 10%
Close Shields BannerIDecreased taken ranged attack damage by 5%
Deer Bane FlagIIncreased damage against mounted troops by 5%
Phalanx StandardIDecreased taken ranged attack damage by 5%
Scout’s FlagIIncreased troop movement speed by 5%
Spear Bracing BannerIIncreased damage against mounted troops by 5%
Standard of DutyIDecreased morale shock by 5%
Standard of FuryIIncreased melee damage by 5%
Stone BannerIDecreased taken melee attack damage by 5%
Tug of the Roaming HorseIIncreased mount movement speed by 5%
Tug of Wooden ArrowIIncreased ranged weapon accuracy by 4%
Banner of Emir’s HawkIIIncreased ranged weapon accuracy by 6%
Banner of Iron ShieldsIIDecreased taken shield damage by 15%
Banner of Shifting SandsIIIncreased troop movement speed by 8%
Banner of the SquireIIIncreased charge damage by 15%
Boar Bane FlagIIIncreased damage against mounted troops by 8%
Bowman’s FlagIIIncreased ranged damage by 8%
Fulcum StandardIIDecreased taken ranged attack damage by 8%
Iron BannerIIDecreased taken melee attack damage by 8%
Ranger’s FlagIIIncreased troop movement speed by 8%
Shield Wall BannerIIDecreased taken ranged attack damage by 8%
Spear Wall BannerIIIncreased damage against mounted troops by 8%
Standard of CourageIIDecreased morale shock by 8%
Standard of RageIIIncreased melee damage by 8%
Tug of Bone ArrowIIIncreased ranged weapon accuracy by 6%
Tug of the Boundless HordeIIIncreased mount movement speed by 8%
Banner of Dust DevilsIIIIncreased troop movement speed by 10%
Banner of Steel ShieldsIIIDecreased taken shield damage by 20%
Banner of Sultan’s EagleIIIIncreased ranged weapon accuracy by 8%
Banner of the KnightIIIIncreased charge damage by 20%
Horse Bane FlagIIIIncreased damage against mounted troops by 10%
Locked Shields BannerIIIDecreased taken ranged attack damage by 10%
Marksman’s FlagIIIIncreased ranged damage by 10%
Pike Wall BannerIIIIncreased damage against mounted troops by 10%
Standard of DisciplineIIIDecreased morale shock by 10%
Standard of WrathIIIIncreased melee damage by 10%
Steel BannerIIIDecreased taken melee attack damage by 10%
Strider’s FlagIIIIncreased troop movement speed by 10%
Testudo StandardIIIDecreased taken ranged attack damage by 10%
Tug of the Endless SteppeIIIIncreased mount movement speed by 10%
Tug of Whistling ArrowIIIIncreased ranged weapon accuracy by 8%

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How Banners Work in Bannerlord | Gamer Guides: Your ultim... (2024)


How do banners work in Bannerlord? ›

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Give the banners to your companions. Then assign the companion a captains role in the OOB menu. TIP: ensure the banner you give them complements the assigned role, Example: Banner to reduce charge damage should be given to the captain of your infantry.

Are banners worth it Bannerlord? ›

it stacks with party leader and captain bonuses. on its own it isn't much, but with other buffs boosting it might be worth it. however, you're giving up one solider to bear the banner.

What does the banner of Calradia do? ›

It's believed that owner of the flag will re-unite the empire of Calradia. During the Battle of Pendraic, the Sturgians marched alongside the Vlandians and Battanians in confronting the Calradic Empire.

What makes the most money in Bannerlord? ›

You'll find plenty of bandits on your journey through Bannerlord, and it's always worth killing them. They provide a lot of loot you can later sell for denar, and all for very little effort. Another way to get your mitts on some loot is by looting villages, which churn up all sorts of valuable items and gold.

What determines party speed Bannerlord? ›

Current speed seen on the map party window. Party speed is how fast a party moves on the map. It is affected by many factors, including morale, the party's highest Pathfinding skill, the amount of units in a party which are mounted, prisoners, the terrain, day/night cycle, inventory items (e.g., iron) and weather.

How do you rule all of Calradia? ›

The most obvious goal, therefore, is complete dominance over Calradia. This is achieved by eliminating all the other Factions. A faction will be eliminated when you capture all of their castles and towns. Usually, the faction will linger around for a while with their lords possessing very small parties.

How do you become king of Calradia? ›

Becoming the King

In order to become king/queen, you must found your own kingdom, by capturing a fief while unaligned, rebelling as a Vassal when a fief is denied to you, or getting your husband/wife to help you start one.

What happens when you conquer everything in Mount and Blade? ›

Like the title says,what happens when you own everything on the map. Does the game continue or does it end there? It continues, no end credits or anything. It's up to you to decide when you have reached your goals.

How do I import banners into Bannerlord? ›

To export your custom made banner to Bannerlord head below your workspace to the banner's code and click "Copy Code" button on the left or select the string of numbers and press Ctrl+C. Then open your game in Bannerlord and either head to your Clan's tab and click on the banner in a top left corner or just press B.

How do you max out party size in Bannerlord? ›

Your clan tier dictates how many units you can have in your party size, increasing as you climb the tiers. If you want to progress your clan tier quickly, you can do this quickly by farming renown, winning tournaments, completing quests, and spreading the good word of your name across the kingdom.

What does BannerKings add? ›

Banner Kings is a suite of features to deepen non-combat gameplay. Populations, feudal titles, village projects, settlement management overhaul & more.

What does creating a party do in Bannerlord? ›

When creating the extra party your companion gets some free troops increasing his party size to 20. Then he goes around hunting bandits and recruiting from villages. He also does quests in towns that increase your relations with the important citizens in the town.

How do party roles work in Bannerlord? ›

Each party you own or control has a total of four roles. At the beginning of a game, your main character is automatically assigned to take on all four roles. The same can be said for when you've been captured or defeated in battle. This doesn't have to be the case.

How do you get banners in Mount and Blade? ›

During character creation, if you choose to be the child of an impoverished noble, you will be given the option to carry a banner from the start of the game - otherwise, you don't receive a banner until you have become a vassal or monarch.

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