Tyler Perry Shared An Update On Why Did I Get Married? 3, And Jill Scott Responded (2024)

While the stigma surrounding Tyler Perry's films has divided audiences and critics, the Why Did I Get Married? film series has remained a bright spot in his long filmography. Each film centered around vacations filled with tension and revelations between the married friend group. Just like most Perry-helmed projects, he wrote and directed each film along with acting in them. In addition to Perry, the cast featured Jill Scott, Janet Jackson, Michael Jai White, Tasha Smith, Malik Yoba, Sharon Leal, Richard T. Jones, and Lamman Rucker. A decade after Why Did I Get Married Too? arrived in theaters, the filmmaker shared an update on a second sequel, prompting a response from Scott.

There have been talks of Perry wanting to revisit the franchise, going back to an Instagram post in 2021. Those rumors might be true given possible confirmation from the A Jazzman’s Blues director. ET caught up with the media mogul at the first annual The Grio Awards. He was asked if a second sequel was happening, leading to him leaving the ball in Scott and Jackson’s court.

If Janet [Jackson] and Jill Scott say 'yes,' there may be a Why Did I Get Married Again? So, waiting for them to say it. Waiting for the word.

So, according to the Madea actor, the Grammy winners are holding another Why Did I Get Married? sequel from happening. It would be nice to see Scott and Jackson return for another film. Perry appears ready to start production as other cast members are reportedly on board.

When you think about it, Scott and Jackson not giving a definitive answer make sense. Both music artists are busier now than they were doing the first two films. Jill Scott has been busy building up her acting resume along with constant touring. Janet Jackson is rumored to be heading out on a world tour next year, according to The Sun. Not only are both women juggling busy careers but raising children at the same time. So, their plates are full at the moment.

Tyler Perry Shared An Update On Why Did I Get Married? 3, And Jill Scott Responded (1)

It didn’t take long for Tyler Perry’s remarks to get back to one of the alleged holdouts – Jill Scott. Seeing the media frenzy over a potential sequel led to Scott hopping on her Twitter account to give her take on the update. Like Why Did I Get Married? fans, the actress/singer was surprised by the filmmaker’s comments. Check out to see the question she posed to the Madea Homecoming star in the tweet below.

@tylerperry, @MichaelJaiWhite @LammanRucker @tashasmith4real @richjonesactor and Sharon Leal already said yes?? I just got a text message yesterday. Hey @JanetJackson did you get a text message? https://t.co/AKUyqHVcab pic.twitter.com/ICTk7qffudOctober 24, 2022

To say, Scott was taken aback by Perry’s callout was an understatement. Tagging her co-stars, including Janet Jackson, in her response pointed out her cluelessness on talks of a sequel. The Steve Urkel meme captured her sentiment perfectly. Saying she just learned about the film from a text message countered the director’s words. Maybe it was a miscommunication between both multihyphenates’ teams? Or maybe an offer for the sequel hadn’t reached her yet? Hopefully, viewers will get an answer soon if the movie is going forward or not.

Until the official word on Why Did I Get Married Again? breaks, just stream Why Did I Get Married? and its sequel through platforms like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. You can watch Tyler Perry’s latest work A Jazzman’s Blues through a Netflix subscription. After watching those films, you can look over our 2022 movie schedule to see what other movies are premiering for the rest of the year.


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Tyler Perry Shared An Update On Why Did I Get Married? 3, And Jill Scott Responded (2)

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Tyler Perry Shared An Update On Why Did I Get Married? 3, And Jill Scott Responded (2024)
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