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The face of V Shred is Vince Sant. Supposedly the founder and CEO of the company (more on this later), Vince Sant started V Shred in 2015. The company now offers a host of fitness programs, including a home workout program, a fat loss extreme program, a diet plan, and fitness supplements.

But buckle up, because this isn’t the usual Greatest Physiques profile piece. It’s more akin to an exposé-except that what we’re about to share is now almost common knowledge in the online fitness community. By the time we’re done today, we’re confident you’ll want nothing to do with V Shred.

The V Shred Story

At first, the V Shred (Vince Sant) began posting run-of-the-mill workout videos on Youtube where he explained how to do exercises and gave guided workouts. However, things quickly got weird (and suspicious!).

Other fitness-focused Youtubers began noticing a startling similarity between V Shred’s videos and those of Athlean X. It turned out that V Shred had simply copied old videos created by Athlean X and attempted to pass them off as his own.

But V Shred was caught out because not only were his videos nearly identical in terms of camera angles and topics, but they also weren’t very good. V Shred simply couldn’t get the words right, most likely because he didn’t really understand what he was saying.

Athlean X was created by Jeff Cavaliere, a qualified fitness instructor and physical therapist who once served as the Head Physical Therapist and Strength Coach for the New York Mets. V Shred is a male model and his bumbling delivery of the information he tried to copy from the expert videos created by Cavaliere gave away his complete incompetence.

Oddly though, the V Shred program continues to be extremely popular, reputedly selling tens of millions of dollars worth of programs over the website. And this is despite the wide range of accusations levelled against V Shred by some of the most influential and erudite fitness coaches on the internet.

Who is Vince Sant?

Vince Sant is a fitness instructor from Ohio who has amassed a huge online following. Partly due to his physique and partly due to his association with V Shred. It’s impossible to tell what training program Vince actually follows because so much of what he posts is about V Shred.

Anyone who has spent time in the fitness world knows that the training programs recommended by spokesmen and women often have little relationship to what they are actually doing. For instance, it is unlikely that Vince got his incredible physique from the 10-minute home workout video he promotes.

The same issue occurs when you try to find out what diet he follows. He talks a lot about flexible dieting on his Instagram posts, which is perfectly good advice, and it is likely that he follows If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) to some degree.

The Accusations Against V Shred

Let’s take a moment to break down those accusations one by one.

Plagiarises other YouTubers

As we’ve already pointed out, V Shred’s early videos copied Athlean X. Once the accusation of plagiarism went viral, V Shred then started making original content. Unfortunately, the videos were packed will incorrect information and frankly dangerous exercise recommendations, which brings us to the second accusation levelled at V Shred: he doesn’t actually know anything about working out.

No Workout Knowledge

V Shred’s digital fitness programs are full of bad advice. Countless fitness instructors on YouTube have pointed out the many, many inaccuracies propagated by V Shred. V Shred even advocates exercises that even most amateurs know are likely to cause you harm.

Spread pseudoscientific information & make false claims in their advertising

As well as knowing almost nothing about fitness and strength training, the V Shred program, videos, and advertising all spread false and misleading information. For example, they claim that researchers from Harvard have found a “biological loophole” that can increase slow metabolism in just 30-seconds, and that the main thing holding women back from losing weight is something called “hormonal misfiring”, a term found nowhere in the scientific literature!

The V Shred ads go on and on about metabolism using terms scary language like “broken” and “hormonal anarchy” and focused on “downward spirals”. Yet the information is pure nonsense. The fact is, the only sure way to lose weight and get fit is to eat well and do exercises (ones that work rather than damage you!). Sorry kids, if you want to get shredded you better eat that salad, because you can not eat pizza every day, as V Shred spuriously claims.

Sell snake-oil supplements that obviously don’t work

Along with the pseudoscientific advertising claims about biological blackholes and pro-fat hormone rebellions, V Shred has been accused (and we believe rightly so) of being snake oil supplement salesmen.

Their extortionately-priced supplement line called Sculpt Nation relies on proprietary blends of ingredients, which means we don’t have any way of knowing what’s inside. Even their turmeric supplement contains a proprietary blend! What on earth they can be hiding in there is beyond us. And then there is the price! The turmeric supplement costs $50. You can get 10x the amount of turmeric from a health store for a fifth of the price.

And their testosterone booster contains heaps of ineffective ingredients and the ones that do work are wildly under-dosed, with the exception of ashwagandha. But $60 for a 600ml dose of ashwagandha can certainly be considered a scam.

Actually owned by three shady businessmen with no interest in fitness

While V Shred likes to give the impression it’s just one hardworking and handsome man named Vince Sant running the company, in truth, it is a big operation with dozens of employees.

What’s more, the only names that appear as owners on the entity listing of the company (accessible through Nevada State’s business portal) are Roger Crandall, Kevin Pearn, and Nicholas Daniel. Err, not Vince Sant then…That’s right, Vince Sant is not an owner of V Shred, he’s merely the face of the company. He’s a male model brought in to sell an overpriced and apparently thoroughly unimpressive workout program to unsuspecting people who are trying to lose weight.

V Shred Customer Reviews

Given all the accusations against the company, it should come as no surprise to learn that their customer reviews are devastating. Their TrustPilot rating is just 2.8 with 32% of reviews awarding the company 1 star.

One reviewer of the fat loss extreme program said there are “a bunch of videos for everything but no clear directions. They are constantly up selling items so you spend more and more money”.

Another TrustPilot reviewer commented, “I’m so glad I did my research & found out he’s on illegal steroids & doesn’t even take his own supplements because even he knows it’s a scam. It’s a shame they are able to operate a business scamming people of their hard earned $ like this in America.”

And the reviews only get worse, with accusations of fraudulent charges! Having checked their online credit card statement, many customers were surprised (to say the least) to find rather large bills from V Shred for programs and products they hadn’t purchased!

One reviewer said, “I have been charged for a service I have not signed up for this is fraudulent transaction and I would like all the money refunded with immediate effect to my account.”

Another said, “I found out they scammed my two friends. One for over $400 and the other was $1999.99. Which she has a law suit action filed. I just want my money back! Gonna join my friend with the lawsuit and BBB has been notified.”

The negative reviews just go on, and on, and on. Page after page.

V Shred Conclusion

As one succinct reviewer aptly put it, V Shred is “well-packaged BS”. Sorry people, there is no such thing as a “fat loss loophole”. To lose weight you need a solid exercise program, a healthy diet plan, and commitment. These three key elements can be supported by effective supplements, but you won’t get far relying on the snake oil and loopholes being peddled by V Shred.

So in conclusion, this company appears to be little more than a cynical, disingenuous attempt to dupe innocent customers of their money by falsely promising to help them burn fat, gain muscle, and reach their fitness goals.

While V Shred currently continues to milk uninformed people with their extortionately priced and ineffective products, the workout community is turning against them. Surely the clock is ticking on V Shred.

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V Shred - Greatest Physiques (2024)
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