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If you've ever been scouring the internet for fitness solutions, chances are you've stumbled upon a V Shred ad at some point. Their marketing seems to be everywhere, promising transformative results and breakthrough solutions. But amidst the sea of flashy ads and enticing promises, it's natural to wonder: is it worth it? Is the “Fat Loss Extreme” everything it claims to be? This comprehensive review delves deep into the intricacies of V Shred's offerings, who Vince Sant is, and most importantly – it is all worth it?

Before we begin, let me spoil this: There are better solutions if you want to shred fat, and we'll get to that.

Who is Vince Sant – “The V Shred Guy”?

Vincent Sant is an American YouTuber, certified fitness trainer, model and entrepreneur born on December 31, 1993. He is mostly known as “The V Shred Guy” as he is the CEO and promoter for his fitness brand, V Shred.

Quick Facts

Name:Vince Sant
Born:31 December 1993 in Ohio, USA
School:Fairmont High School
Profession:Entrepeneur, CEO
Height:Feet: 6ft, Meters: 1.82m
Weight:Pounds: 172 lbs, Kilos: 81
Net Worth:$8 million
Relationship:Girlfriend, Ashley Rossi
Siblings:Two sisters, Zoe and Cassi

V Shred – By Vince Sant

“I know exactly how you feel,”

“You are not alone”

“We've all been there”

V Shred promises a comprehensive fitness program comprising various workout plans and meal guides meticulously crafted to assist people in achieving their fitness objectives. Primarily leveraging YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok ads, the company showcases Vince Sant, its co-founder, who often appears shirtless in these promotional videos.

The program promises to facilitate fat loss with straightforward solutions, and if you only follow their simple rules, it will result in effortless weight reduction.

Their advertisem*nts strategically target common struggles encountered during the weight loss journey, empathizing with sentiments such as, “I know exactly how you feel,” and acknowledging the frustrations associated with the process. The frustration that, in all fairness, everyone HAS gone through in the beginning.

They highlight their ability to assist in weight loss without causing discomfort or misery. And for me, that is a straight red flag. Weight loss is a hell of a ride – everyone who has gone through it knows it. But let's cut the man some slack, is it really all that bad? Let's see what you get for paying up €47:

  • Three months of workouts (gym or home)
  • How-to videos for the exercises
  • A “customized” diet plan
  • A calendar that is actually quite easy to get
  • 15 min HIIT cardio workouts – good stuff
  • Access to a members-only Facebook group
  • Access to a web application

If you're looking for convenience and you're ready to pay around 50 bucks for it, it's not too bad of a deal if you ask me. Especially if you're just getting started with your weight loss journey… But there is more to it.

The Workout Plan

Upon purchasing the plan, you gain access to their website and the web app, where you can log in and retrieve the workouts and meal plan. The workout schedule is conveniently organized every month. Simply click on the designated day, and you'll either be directed to a video demonstrating the workout (for follow-along routines) or a page listing the exercises scheduled for that particular day (for gym workouts).

I wasn't a fan of all the daily clicking to understand and visualize the routine. But then I thought to myself: This is not for me or any other fitness professional—this is a newbie guide. And it totally makes sense. If you're new to fitness, a daily calendar with walkthroughs and exercises can be easy to follow.

He'll tell you to do a warm-up of 5 minutes, followed by basic exercises such as hip raises, planks, etc. Which is OK – but this stuff is free online?! I'm not saying it's bad in any way, it's just that V Shred is making you pay for something that is accessible for free.

The Meal Plan

Now to the meal V Shred meal plan. On your account page, you'll find the meal plan section. It involves basic calculations utilizing your age, weight, and height—nothing more, which is, if you ask me, not a personal meal plan at all. It's just a simple algorithm that they added to their app.

In my case, it suggested consuming between 2500 and 2800 calories per day, which seems reasonable and avoids advocating for an excessively low-calorie diet. But, it doesn't consider to me, important factors like activity level, body fat percentage or muscle weight.

Then, you're presented with ten different options each for breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner, complete with recipes. You're supposed to mix and match these options according to your calorie targets. You cannot select specific diets such as gluten-free or vegan but there are several plant-based choices for each meal.

You'll also find simpler meal prep guides for 90 days – which is again ok, but… Again, this can be found for free on either Google or Youtube.

Vince Sant & V Shred Review | I Bought The Program - Was It Worth It? - The Gym Goat (1)

So, Is V Shred Worth It?

I wouldn't say its worth it – unless you really want to spend $50 (to begin with) to get everything handed to you instead of doing a quick search on the internet. You're also promised a meal plan and workout plan that is suited according to your needs and made specifically for you: but that is not the case.

On top of that, they go heavy on the upselling. Contacting me daily to buy more and explore more packages. It's extremely annoying as I hate spam.

I'd say the two best options are:

  • The free option: Look up the content on the internet yourself. Start following accounts that share meal plans and exercise plans that are free and reliable. The Gym Goat shares plenty of exercise videos and walk-throughs completely free as an example. I'll start to share meal preps as well as obviously, one needs to eat the right food to notice results from the exercises we share.
  • Take professional help: If you don't want to hire a PT at your local gym, opt in for a digital PT instead. You will be holding weekly meetings and discussing exercises that you should do, and you'll also receive a meal plan that is actually done specifically for you.

Is Vince Sant a Scam or a Legit Athlete and Fitness Coach?

Vince Sant is not a scammer. He is a legit fitness coach that just happens to be a marketing mastermind. If your sole purpose is to lose weight, his program will help. Vince Sant and his program “V Shred” has plenty of positive reviews and he definitely knows what he is talking about. On the flipside, many fitness professionals has called Vince out for being a scammer, and for spreading lies just to get more sales.

Geoffrey Schofield even created this Youtube video that he called “I bought a V Shred program so that you don't have to (It was cringy hot garbage)

I BOUGHT a V SHRED PROGRAM so YOU DON'T HAVE TO! (It Was Cringy Hot Garbage)

Once again, I'm not saying he is a scammer. The man has done good for himself, he has a great physique and some of the stuff he is saying makes sense. Then again, all those promises of fast results and a “perfect body if you just buy my program” is a massive red flag.

How Much Does V Shred Cost?

  • Fat Loss Extreme for him $47
  • Fat loss Extreme for her $47
  • Ripped in 90 $47
  • Move At Home $47
  • Custom Diet Plan
  • Clean Bulk program $87
  • 6 Pack Shred $19.99
  • Big Arms $19.99
  • Booty Builder $34.95

So Why is V Shred Popular?

Its called… Marketing!

V Shred owes much of its success to its savvy marketing approach, which strives to connect with each visitor on a personal level. Browsing their website feels like they're speaking directly to you.

After taking a quick body type quiz, you're led to a video featuring Vince, “tailored specifically to your body type” and fitness goals, explaining how their programs can help.

A big part of V Shred's marketing is highlighting common weight loss challenges like calorie counting, cardio, and bland diets and presenting their programs as enjoyable and easy alternatives. By addressing these pain points, V Shred positions itself as the solution to the struggles many encounter on their weight loss journey.

Despite some negative reviews, V Shred manages to resonate with its audience by understanding their frustrations and insecurities.

Many of V Shred's followers have faced previous weight loss struggles, often due to difficulty sticking to a routine rather than a lack of exercise or nutrition knowledge. And according to Vince – he is the best solution.

While the program may not guarantee long-term adherence, it does offer a sense of community through its Facebook group, where members can connect and support each other.

However, it's worth noting that similar support networks can be found for free on Facebook, IG and similar platforms.


V Shred and Vince Sant may not be a scam – I'd rather say it is an average program with fantastic packaging. He has done great success thanks to his marketing skills and good looks.

This is not a program that I'd recommend to my visitors, but at the same time I do understand why somebody would buy a program from this persuasive fella. I hope you enjoyed my 5 cents on Vince and V Shred.

It costed me $47 and a bunch of time and energy to make this honest review after all 🙂 If you want an alternative that works great to lose fat with a combination of a proper diet and continuous exercise, I'd recommend PhenQ. You can find my PhenQ review here including before and after results.

Helps Burn FatHigh Dose of Caffeine
Crushes Food CravingsNot for Under 18
Boosts Energy

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Vince Sant & V Shred Review | I Bought The Program - Was It Worth It? - The Gym Goat (2024)
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